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TV Repair Milwaukee is able to provide TV repair services at a lower price because we do the work ourselves in the comfort of your home. We don't want to waste our time, which implies we won't waste yours either. If its not worth repairing your tv, meaning the parts cost too much, or there is too much troubleshooting involved, we will tell you we can't repair it.

However the trick is, most TV's from experience, have simple urse as we all know are name brand TV's (SONY, TOSHIBA, SHARP, SAMSUNG, ETC.) which when they have a problem doesn't necessarily mean its an expensive one. TV repair centers charge by how expensive the TV is brand new and how the customers present themselves.

We have a slight similarity, we look at how expensive the TV is as well, and if its going to cost you 1/2 the price of a new set, we would probably not repair it or recommend you to do so. TV Repair Milwaukee is dedicated in providing customer satisfaction at whatever cost. Please, go ahead call us and get the best TV repair service in Milwaukee!

Why should you put your trust in our service? What do you really have to lose by a truly honest estimate, and professional opinion from an expert.

TV REPAIR WITH HONESTY! Call now for TV service in Milwaukee (414) 939-3388.


TV Repair Tip

Philips LCD TV Repair Tip

Philips TV screen repair- Sound comes but no pictures It is a common phenomenon to have a "no picture but sound" problem on Philips TV screen.

This problem can occur from several factors; however there are different LCD TV repair approaches to the problem