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Either you have front or rear projection TV. If some wrong happen with your projection TV. Then you need a professional repair center for your projection TV. We remove all stress.

Many TV repair center will charge you heavy amount. If you are looking to save money then contact us. We provide you professional service at competitive prices.

Our expert technicians provide quality guaranteed service on Projection TV, Plasma TV, LCD TV.

A projection television is very expensive expensive. Except for picture tube problems, most TV faults can be corrected without expensive parts. We repair your projection TV.

Schedule a couple of hours for the repair procedures and adjustments. It is very common for the complete repair to require one or two return trips for parts or special test equipment.

If the repairs can not be completed in the home, our Service Center has developed ways to service your unit, without picking up the entire set. Call now for TV service in Milwaukee (414) 939-3388.

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TV Repair Tip

Philips LCD TV Repair Tip

Philips TV screen repair- Sound comes but no pictures It is a common phenomenon to have a "no picture but sound" problem on Philips TV screen.

This problem can occur from several factors; however there are different LCD TV repair approaches to the problem